Dear Mr. President

Mr PresidentI know you were expecting my letter, excuse my tardiness in writing this letter. First of all, I want to congratulate you for winning the election. I have to be honest with you, I was not on your side, in all honesty, I didn’t want you to win. Without my permission, you won so I give you credit for that. This letter is not to insult you like those Nigerians aboard who have the tendency to do such a thing. Let me be real with you, Mr President, this letter is to wake you up.

Hello, democracy is here to stay in Nigeria. If you go to Aso rock and start messing up, we will remove you and your legacy will be forgotten. I have faith in you that will do a better job than Jonathan. I don’t trust you completely, if you really want my sincere honesty. Something about your leadership during the military regime puts a bad taste in my mouth.

The first things you need to tackle Mr. President:

1. Boko Haram

2. Corrupt politicians, including you: stop allowing politicians to bribe people to buy votes with money and bags of rice. The constitution doesn’t say it’s unconstitutional. It needs to be unconstitutional.

3. Light

4. Better roads

5. Nigeria needs to refine its own crude oil. It makes no sense for us to supply oil to other countries yet, our fuel prices are sky high.

I have very low expectations of you Mr. President. In fact, I don’t expect anything from you. Remember, Nigerians all over the world are watching you and we are ready to kick you out of that seat if you don’t deliver. We pray God gives you the grace to help Nigeria because Nigerians need serious help.

Till I write you again..

The Anonymous Nigerian


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