Africa does not WANT your food..

This is the best way to help Africa:

Africa 3map1. Help us fight illiteracy-reading will open a child to a world of possibilities. Education is the key. Africans need education. In today’s world, education is vital.

2. Help us to be more independent- Do not just give us food or water to drink. Empower us to get the food and water ourselves; so that when you are gone, we will still have food and water.

Giving Africans food occasionally without empowering Africans to be self-sufficient is a waste of time. The food will one day finish and the people will starve again. A temporary fix to a permanent problem is one of the reasons why Africans are behind. Foreigners come and give their food, money.. time, etc. (feeling fuzzy on the inside. When they subconsciously know that it wouldn’t help anything). This is not to discourage any missionary.

Don’t waste your time in Africa, if your focus is to just give the people food, water and shelter without empowering them to alleviate their problems themselves. Africa will thrive; we just have to focus on permanent solutions and not short-term fixes.

To all who work hard to make Africa a better place: THANK YOU!!!


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