Nigerians, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wake up call

A lot of Nigerians are carrying on as if people in their country are not dying. Nigerians, wake up!!! Clean your eyes and listen to the sound of reality; Boko Haram is killing people in your country like a giant stepping on little ants. Your government doesn’t care. Here is my question to you all; do you care about your people dying? If you really care, what are you doing about it?

Action is better than inaction. We have to be proactive in our fight against terrorism. What can you do as an individual to help us win the fight against Boko Haram? First, we have to eradicate the thinking that we as individuals can’t do anything. I refuse to believe we can’t do anything. Smart people use your brain to think about things we can do to fight this terrorist group.
How many Nigerians have to die before we wake up?

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