Are you ready for T.I.N.A?

Fuse-ODGWhat is T.I.N.A? “TINA stands for ‘This Is The New Africa’ used by Fuse ODG to raise the profile of Africa and Africans. TINA, the movement he founded urges Africans to rebuild communities and present a positive image of the motherland to the rest of the world. (

We should all be ready for T.I.N.A! Get with the program. Lets promote Africa wherever we are. Let’s change the status of our continent. We can all do something.

As you make your goals this year. Add a goal of how you will elevate Africa. Africa is too big. Start with your family, village, state and then to your country.

“We are all called to live for a greater purpose away from ourselves”-9jagirl4real

Get ready for T.I.N.A!!!!!

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