Every Nigerian woman needs a Black Belt in Karate..(Our fight against Domestic Violence)

A single Nigerian woman can’t sneeze without someone telling her to get married. Our culture pressures women get married yet we don’t have laws enacted to protect women against domestic violence. An article written by Itoro Eze-Anaba said “1 in 3 Nigerian women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime”..(That’s crazy).

The most alarming is that our culture stigmatizes against victims that’s why a lot of domestic violence cases go unreported. Our culture also sees domestic violence as a “private matter.” A lot of women are suffering in silence because of our crazy, insane culture.

This twisted way of thinking about domestic violence in Nigeria has to go. Awareness about domestic violence needs to start as soon as possible. Domestic violence affects children as well. No child wants to see their mother in pain. If these men(Hulk Hogan wannabe) end up killing their wives who will take care of the children? What child wants to grow up without their mother?

A lot of victims are brainwashed to think that the pain inflicted by their perpetrators is a “sign of love.” I have read that some women have accepted the pain as part of the marriage(chai!! Na wow o!).

If marriage is becoming a battleground for Nigerian women, please Nigerian women it’s time to get a black belt in Karate.

Our culture needs to focus on the perpetrators not the victims. We also need to create a platform where victims can speak up.

2 thoughts on “Every Nigerian woman needs a Black Belt in Karate..(Our fight against Domestic Violence)

  1. In as much domestic violence should be condemned and aborted, we still have our culture and tradition to protect. Unlike the women and children in the western world in which every minor domestic misunderstanding is filed in court, we have a culture and tradition of settling it amicably within the family circle. This has built and sustained a deeper understanding of all parties involved. It has also produced some reputable and enviable marriages for our forebears. I rep Akwa Ibom, I rep Naija, I rep Africa……………

    • Thank you so much for our comment.

      I am against any culture or tradition that doesn’t protect women. We have to change our culture that encourages women not to speak up. Our culture should work for us and not against us. Concerning domestic violence this culture is working against us so must be changed to protect women in their marital homes.

      Family are not handling this issue well because women are still dying in their matrimonial homes. Culture/tradition is not more important than the lives of women.

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