How to help Nigeria Series: We need a Violence-FREE Nigeria..

attractive-black-man1This idea is for people aspiring to make an impact in our educational system:

An emergency anti-violence movement needs to start immediately to help eradicate this violence mentality among our children(the future of Nigeria). Our children are growing up in a society where violence is becoming a norm. It’s important that we eradicate this mentality from the future of Nigeria by starting this campaign.

Children imitate what they see. Children learn from their environment. Weneed to save our children from this mentality if we want to a peaceful Nigeria.

This campaign is for aggressive people who are really serious about making a difference in Nigeria. I choose the word “aggressive” because it is going to require collaboration with parents, teachers, schools and students to make this happen. This is not one of those campaigns that we do one year and slack off the next year; it’s one of those things that we must go about it aggressively.

The goal of this movement is to make sure that our children don’t grow up thinking that violence is the answer. Great, we have anti-violence campaigns starting in the society. We now need to start eradicating this violence mentality as soon as children enter elementary schools.

It’s not an easy task, but it can be done.

“We are called to live for a greater purpose away from ourselves”-9jagirl4real

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