What’s your Weapon?

“Music is the weapon. Music is the thing of the future. Music is the weapon of the future.”-Fela Kuti

Our country needs another Fela. Nigerian artists have done well by brightening up our lives with their music, but we need more music like Fela’s music. Fela Kuti used his music as a weapon against injustice, greed, corruption and the oppression of our people.

Nigerian artists have too many songs about a woman’s “nyash.” and this is getting out of hand. Recently, Inyanya just released a song about Oreos(can you imagine?)

Music was Fela’s weapon. What’s your weapon? We are all gifted in something. Our gifts and talents are the best weapons to use to fight for our better Nigeria.

“We are called to live for a greater purpose away from ourselves”-9jagirl4real

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