No Lights, bad roads but we have a State of the Arts Stadium..

Akwa Ibom Stadium

A few weeks ago, I took my dad to see a nice stadium in South Carolina. I was surprised my dad was not impressed. He was like the stadium in Akwa Ibom State was better than the one I showed him.

I got angry…

Why are we building stadiums when we don’t have good roads and constant light?

Guys.. I don’t get it. Our priorities are completely messed up. You know what our country needs? Leaders who care about people.

Do you care about the future of your country? Do you care about people? Do you have leadership skills? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above.. Please consider running for an office in Nigeria.

If young people are not ambitious to enter politics, we only have ourselves to blame when these selfish Nigerian politicians ruin our country for us.


The above words were exactly how I felt about his new stadium until I watched the commissioning ceremony. As I watched the commissioning ceremony, I saw how happy my people were and my heart softened.

I will give anything for the happiness of my people. God is changing the destiny of my people. To God be the Glory!!

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