What’s your Nigerian Story? Here is mine..

 I grew in an upper middle class family in Nigeria with five children. Growing up in an upper middle class family, it was tough for my parents financially because sometimes the government wouldn’t pay their staff for several months. Things were tough, but I never lacked anything because my parents worked hard. As a child, I couldn’t comprehend how poor children survived in a society where is all man for himself. I saw a family where the father was only a local pastor of a small church, but he and his wife had ten children. How do they survive? If things were hard for trained professionals how much more then? I have seen mansions. I have also seen poverty in the eyes of a child. Our people are suffering. Instead of us putting our hands together to see how we can eradicate the problem.. We are busy pointing fingers while innocent children die. Parents are uneducated about family planning. They don’t understand the concept that kids are expensive and they shouldn’t have ten children if they don’t have the finances to care for these children. To top it all, child marriages still happen in Nigeria.
What your Nigerian Story?

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