How to help Nigeria Series: 10 ways you can help Nigeria without spending money..

1. Invest your time-Americans call it “community service” where you invest your time to make a difference. Your time is as valuable as money. You will be surprised how much we can accomplish in our country if we start investing our time. Our better Nigeria wouldn’t happen overnight. Please consider investing your time.

2. Be a mentor

3. Pray for Nigeria.

4. Be the change you want to see

5. Do something inspirational to inspire more Nigerians to join the change movement

6. Advocate for our Nigerian people who can’t advocate for themselves.

7. Stop Complaining and Do SoMETHING!!

8. Use your talents, gifts, intelligence and success to make a difference in Nigeria.

9. Reinforce good character (behavior, actions) with rewards (doesn’t have to be monetary reward).

10. Come up with your own list- Please share your list with this blog and your Nigerian friends.

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