How to help Nigerian Series: For Nigerian Students in foreign Universities..

The truth is you can’t help your country if you can’t help your Nigerian or African person in the same school with you. You know the old saying..”Charity begins at home.” The same concept applies here. Charity begins where you are. Foreigners are curious about Africa, our culture and history. You can capitalize on their curiosity which is great for fundraisers. If you can come together with other Nigerians or Africans and do something to help some of you guys pay for school, books and other expenses that’s helping Nigeria and Africa.

You can’t help a whole country if you are not helping where you are. If you guys can come together to raise money to help each other in school; you will be able to come together to contribute to help people back at home. Brain storm on the creative ways you can showcase your African culture while yielding a capital at the same time. 

Fundraiser’s ideas:

1. African Fashion Show-initially, don’t charge but make sure the students leave the show very satisfied with the performance. The initial show has on point it sets the stage for future shows where you can charge students to enter. Have African dances, food tasting on the outside, and showcase some African attires that students can buy. Creativity is the key here.

2. African Party-hire a problem free place with an African Dj. Get creative: tell your guests to wear something African or something. Play only African songs, have African food, etc.. Creativity is the key again.

3. African cuisine: encourage your students to try some African food. You can make sure you have the ones they like at your events.

4. African Zumba Classes-

5. Teach African Dances

The possibilities are endless.. Brain Storm and be creative. You can make a lot of money which can help you guys out with tuition, books, road trips, misc. expenses and next semester expenses.

In all you do, please represent us well and you wouldn’t go wrong. God bless!!

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