I almost died 2 days ago..

God delivered me from an accident which could have been fatal. 
I thank God for my life. 
This post is for Nigerians in Western countries. 
We wait for something bad to happen before we act. 
How many people have to die in Nigeria before we realized that we need to act? 
How many mothers and fathers have to bury their children? 
How many children have to become orphans? 
How many people have to be kidnapped? 
How many girls must they rape?
Nigerian people, how many?
Our Country is our responsibility. 
If we don’t invest in the future of our country, who will? 
So shame on you Nigerians who have the resources, money, intelligence, and time to make a difference but you are not doing anything. 
It’s time to stop talking about Nigeria. It’s time to act.

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