To the Youth of Nigeria..

School Children I love you all so much and I want you to have a better life than your parents.
I know a lot of people have failed you all but please don’t give up on your dreams.
Your brains, talents and God-given skills are the gateway to your better life.
Don’t give up on your education.
When teachers are not teaching, teach yourself. Yes, I said it. Teach yourself.
Take that book and read.
Read as if your life depended on it.
Read, Read, and Read.

Find and continue looking for someone who can teach you.
Never stop reading.
Nobody can take education from you.
You were born into a broken system; don’t allow this system to break you.
Allow your mind to soar.
Form groups amongst yourselves and read..
Teach each other how to read if some of you don’t know.
When you meet missionaries, ask for books.
Be hungry for education.
Be innovative..
Use your imagination.
Your childhood imagination is your greatest asset, use it.
Don’t allow situations around to stop you from pursuing the future you want.
You are Nigeria’s future and tomorrow.
Don’t quit on yourselves and your future.
Sadly, I think education is the only way of out this broken system.

!!!!YOU CAN CHANGE Your life and NIGERIA!!!! 

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