Rage for Change by Ndidi Nwuneli Tedx Talk Review

I tried to write down exactly what she said.
Her review is in first person so don’t get confuse.
Let’s get started.

Rage for Change ted talk







I came up with a four letter word that I thought was missing in the Africa’s context-LEAP


Africa needs a new generation of visionary leaders who will transform our continent.

We need leaders who are creative, ethical, disciplined and credible.

It’s a lot harder to change the mindset of people than to change the way people live.

In all my programs, I ask young people: what makes you angry about your country? What can you do about it?

We need to get angry enough to get up to do something.

That’s what we encourage our young people to do to be mad enough to make a difference.

We help young people to start change projects.

I started AACE food: to sell local produce from farmers in the local community.

60% of Nigerian population is engaged in Agriculture; however, only 40%-60% of fruits and vegetable go to waste. 90% of Nigerian food is imported. Food is expensive in Nigeria.  60% of household income is spent on food in Nigeria. We have the highest rate of malnutrition. 41% of young children under 5 years of age are stunted.

Only 5% of Nigeria’s population goes for a higher education.

Channel your rage and anger into a positive change. (Click here to watch the full Tedx Talk Review)

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