Our People, I dream..

ImageIt breaks my heart to see our people so divided.

It breaks my heart to see our people suffering.

It breaks my heart to see our people constantly at war with each other.

Who cares about our struggle?

Who cares about our grief?

No one…unless we as a people rise up and solve our own problems, we will still be here.

I believe we can do it.


When I think of us as a people.


I think about a talented, prosperous and unique set of individuals with both collective goals and dreams.

How can our dream become a reality when we fight amongst ourselves?

How can we move forward when we are in such turmoil?

Some contribute it to the violent and terrorist ways of the Muslim extremists

While others contribute it to religious beliefs of Christianity

Personally I believe it is we, not one but us as a whole. Unless we strive to tolerate each other, all we are end and are capable of doing is killing our future and destroying our hope for a better future and a better tomorrow.

Violence has never been an answer to our differences.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Violence only begets more Violence

I dream for a united country where leaders care more about the welfare of their citizens than money, where education is esteemed above everything else.

I dream of a country where our youth can get jobs after graduating, a country where our natural resources are used wisely.

I dream of a country where the poor aren’t constantly exploited and unity is treated as a priority.



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