A letter from the Super Eagles to Nigerians..

Dear Nigerians,

We like to take this moment to say that it is an honor to represent you in World Cup 2014. Our journey to get to this level was not easy despite our challenges. We want to thank you for always supporting your Super Eagles. For World Cup 2014, we have decided to do things a little different by presenting you with a list of demands to enhance your Nigerian games experience.

Here are our demands:

1. You will support us if we win or lose.
2. You will stop posting negative things about your Super Eagles when we lose games.
3. You will remember we won African Cup of Nations last year.
4. You will forget about your struggles and enjoy the games.
5. You will not have a heart attack if the other team scores.
6. You will remember that our purpose in Brazil is far bigger than football: right now, 200 plus girls are still in the hands of Boko Haram. As we play in Brazil, we pray that you will look beyond football and see Nigeria. We have a country where the poor get poorer while the rich get richer.
We have a country where corruption is the order of the day amongst our leaders. We have a country where children, men and women are killed every day without anyone caring. We have a country where trained college graduates become criminals to support themselves.
How long will we continue like this? When are we going to come together to better ourselves for a better future for our children?  It is our responsibility to fight (without violence) for a better Nigeria.

7. You will reflect on what you can do to help make your country a better place.

8. You will stop blaming other people for our country’s problems.

9. You will work hard to help make Nigeria a better place.

10. You will enjoy the games.

With every move we make on the field; we pray that it moves you to act towards our better Nigeria. We hope to make you proud Nigerians. GO TEAM NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless Nigeria! See you soon.

Sincerely yours,
The Super Eagles

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