Symptoms of Nigeria’s Problems..

  “Transforming Nigeria” is a series done by Femi Awodele. In this series, he discusses solutions to Nigeria’s problems.  On his first series, he talks about the difference between symptoms of Nigeria’s problems and Nigeria’s problems.
We know that pacifying symptoms of a problem doesn’t eliminate the problem until we eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Symptoms vs. Nigeria’s problem’s quiz: Remember to eradicate symptoms of our problems; we must eliminate the real problem.

1. Corruption-Symptom of Nigeria’s or Nigeria’s Problem?
2. Bad roads-Symptom or Problem?
3. Broken facilities-Symptom or Problem?
4.  Lack of courage leaders with vision and strategy development for our country-Symptom or Problem?
5. Our “Thinking” as Nigerians-Symptom or Problem?
6. Armed Robbery-Symptom or Problem?
7. Kidnapping-Symptom or Problem.

Answers by Femi Awodele:

Symptom of Nigerian’s Problems Nigeria’s Problems
  1. Bad roads
  1. Broken facilities
Lack of courageous leaders with vision and strategy development for our country
  1. Armed Robbery
Our “thinking”
       4. Kidnapping

Femi A
We must eliminate our problems first before we can eliminate symptoms of our problems.

“God has graciously gifted Nigeria with everything needed to be the greatest country in the world and also with everything we need to fix our problems. We have both human and natural resources, we have smart people who know what to do, what we are lacking is the WILL to do what we know is right.” Femi Awodele


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