Helping Nigeria Step 2: We must remember our history

To understand where we are going, we must know our history.
Here is one of the best documentary on Nigeria.
Please take the time and watch the whole documentary.
We must understand our past before we can work towards the future we want.


“55% of Nigerians are below the poverty… If things are bad for them; how do you think are for their children? The reality is that I don’t see those children breaking out of that 55% poverty bracket unless they do it by force. I close this film with a challenge for all those who care about Nigeria and its future. We have a duty to leave a better legacy for our successors. We have a responsibility to create a nation, we can be proud of. We need to return to a place; where to be Nigerian means to be great, where everyone enjoys a minimum standard of life, where the accident of birth is not the sole determination of your prospects. We need to take our rightful place as the black nation of the earth. I have no magic solution for how we do this but I know two things. 1. Evolution starts with the individual. 2. Right now the wind is behind us.” Jide Olanrewaju




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