Are you an Eagle?

Are you an Eagle?

An International Nigerian Eagle is a Nigerian citizen away from Nigeria who is committed to helping our country. A lot of people boy_flag_painted_facethink we need a lot of money to make a difference in Nigeria. As International Eagles of Nigeria, we believe that you can use what you have to help our country. We believe time is a capital, if you can’t invest money please consider investing time. Your time can truly make a difference. If you can invest money and time please by all means, do it. International Eagles of Nigeria will never ask you to contribute money for any endeavors.

As an organization, we will provide you with ideas on how you can use your platform to help our country. We still encourage foreign aids and assistance; however, foreigners can’t help our country. It is going to take efforts from our citizens in Nigeria and aboard to help build up our country.

A lot of people also think that Nigeria has too many problems that it is impossible to help Nigeria. We disagree; we believe that by helping Nigerians you are helping Nigeria. Nigeria can’t exist without Nigerians. Better Nigerians make a better Nigeria.  We encourage you to start helping your country by helping other Nigerians not only those in your ethnic groups. We may all speak different languages but we all share the same passion for Nigeria.

Nigeria is our motherland. We can travel to anywhere in the world but there’s no place like home. We have to take active steps to change things in our country. So are you ready to become an international Eagles of Nigeria?





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